Amazon is coming to Town

As I have been teaching some business and retail units to my Students, I have had to reflect over the whole selling process. The sourcing, Packaging, Freight plans, Sales and Distribution of products.

The whole process of farm to store fascinates me. It doesn’t matter what the product is, it starts at a farm. Wooden furniture start with a growing tree, everything we eat starts on a farm, even our clothes started on the farm. The steel used in cars, started in the ground, even plastic is derived from organic products, sent to a factory and created into something usable.

Then there is the distribution of products, be it wholesale, retail or B2B. The transport industry is involved, Cars, trucks, planes, Boats, even the posties motorcycle.

You may have heard that Amazon is coming to Australia. But what does that really mean for the retail industry? 

It means an amazing opportunity for anyone who wants to make some extra cash by selling goods.

Take a look at this video from Adam Hudson, that points to a free training series about selling on Amazon. The training is about the US amazon but it directly relates to Amazon Australia.

Why Amazon?

Amazon take care of all the inventory handling, storage and distribution for you. You concentrate on your product and business, marketing and all the hard lifting is done by Amazon.

If you have your own product already, or are going to create your own from manufacturers in china or India, this training series explains it all.

An Amazon business, will not happen overnight. You may not make money in the first year. But the correct set up will allow you to replace your income in a few years by running your own business.

Take a look, it is free for the 4 video training series. Let me know what you think by putting in a comment below.



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