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As a freelancer trying to find work, the cost of Joining is free. There are various upgrades starting at $1.64 a month up to $72.55 a month.  The cost of becoming certified within the freelancer community is $5.50 aud per test.


Detail for Freelancers.

The three steps to working with freelancer is

  1. Search for Jobs
  2. Bid For the Job
  3. Be awarded the job and start working.

The key to obtaining work with freelancer is writing an amazing Bid.

First, read the project description thoroughly. Sometimes employers will ask for specific information that needs to be included in the proposal in order for you to obtain the work.

Keep the bid succinct. Make it easy for the employer to choose you over many competing bids.

Be confident in your terms and State exactly what it is you will achieve.

Respond as soon as possible to any communication. Most work is allocated within 24 hours, it is important to be responsive. Freelancer has a mobile app that can help in communicating on the go and even finding new jobs as they are posted.

Provide samples of your work with watermarks. Samples are a great way to showcase your work but you do want to keep it safe from Plagiarism.

Think about your pricing on a bid. If you are just starting out, you may want to  build up a reputation for quality work before bidding in the high ranges. Having said that, Freelancer does ensure that you bid more than the country minimum wage for by the hour work.

Proofread your Bid. Poorly written proposals will not be in your favour. Once you have completed your bid, go over it and even ask someone else to go over it for grammatical or spelling errors.



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