Building your website

Building your website for free

I have heard it said that nothing in this life is free!… Not true.

You can build a website for free. This website was built for free.  There are a lot of other places where you can build websites for free all you need to do is a google search for free website and you will be inundated with a myriad of choices for a free website. You do need to be careful of who is really free or are they just trying to hook you for a free trial then make you pay.

Website builder and site builder are free site building with limited features.

With Wealthy Affiliate you can build 2 websites for free and I have written more extensively in the  Getting Started page.

There are also really good sites that are very cheap, like Bluehost 


Building your website with no experience

When I started building a website, I had no experience. What you really need is the willingness to learn. Experience will come but not if you don’t want to learn.

The most important thing to have is good solid training. A program that will take you step by step and teach you all you need to know.



  1. Know what your site is going to be about.  It sounds basic but if you don’t have a vision you will flail around like a cod.
  2. Find a cool name that fits with your brand
  3. Find hosting for your website. There are many around. The best ones have a supportive community with lots of training.
  4. Learn, Learn, Learn. You will need to take a period of time to master your website capabilities. If it is not really your thing, there are many freelancers who will gladly create your site for a fee. In fact outsourcing can be a very lucrative way to conduct business. Surrounding yourself with professionals who can do the work in a fraction of the time may actually save you money.
  5. Create Outstanding content. Again content writing can be outsourced, but you are the expert in your chosen field.
  6. Understanding SEO. you can have the best content, but it is useless unless everyone can find it, right? The key is getting the right keywords and understanding SEO.
  7. Monetise your website. Monetising is where the real money is. Offering a lead magnet to entice subscribers. One of the best lead magnets is an e-book. And I have found the a really good ebook creation tool called Designrr.


Hosting Partner

A hosting partner with a great training program is the best way to get ahead in your website development. Take your time and check out all the host has to offer.

Check out this training video about creating your own website using the Site Rubix Platform


If you have tried or researched and have any suggestions, feel free to comment below.

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