6 Lead Magnet Ideas


Lead Magnet noun – an irresistible bribe offering a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information.

Lead magnets are a great way to obtain a contact and add to your email list. But.. What can you do for a lead magnet? Here is a list of some of the best lead magnet ideas. Have other Ideas? leave a comment below.


1. Create a checklistcheck-mark

Checklists are easy and effective if given away for free.  Dr Atul Gawande and Dan Borman created a checklist for checklists. Starting with Development leading onto Drafting and Finishing up with Validation. see this checklist here.



2. Give away a sample productgift

Everyone loves a free giveaway.  Free Gifts give you the opportunity to have your product sampled as well as gives you a good way to build your list.

3. Create a Quiz or Survey

Ever seen those Facebook quizzes that people post up?

Whats the Initials of your Guardian angel?Who will you be with in 5 years? Who is your secret stalker?

They are popular because people want to know information about themselves. The human psyche is inquisitive and if we can fill that yearning, we have amazing opportunities to connect with people.

Survio is a good Survey creation tool. Sign up for free.

4. Give away an e-book.

E-Books can contain anything you want them to contain. Informative and engaging Posts can be made into eBooks.  Do your research and be sure of facts and statistics.

Recent studies by top marketers have found that creating an eBook from your blog and using it as a lead magnet has more than a x3 Conversion rate.

Designrr is a tool that will create eBooks from a URL of your Blog.
Watch this quick introduction to Designrr

To check out Designrr for yourself go here.


5. Run a competition

Competitions attract the competitiveness in all of us, whether it be a dinner out or an overseas holiday. The desire to win is the reason Lotteries, poker machines and horse racing are such big industries.

Facebook Competitions are very popular an easy to run with minimum outlay. Just go to the Facebook contest page.


6. Webinars and videos

Webinars are very popular now. The interactive feeling gives participants the sense of accomplishment. If it is a training session, they feel like they have invested into their future. The interactive nature of webinars give a participation level far beyond video.

There is many Webinar Soft wares available. You would have already heard of goto webinar.

Webinar Jam is a great new tool with many benefits.

  • Unlimited participants on any Webinar
  • Cheaper than alternative programs
  • Quality slides and voice
  • No download required
  • No downloading of aoos
  • Auto Video recording
  • Target specific messages to those Who did not attend, left early or


  1. Hi Sharon,
    Your post has been bookmarked right away! I love these ideas especially the one for making an e-book.
    I need to check that! Thank you so much for this!!!
    Much success to you!


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