Micro Investing 2.1

Acorns has change their name to Raiz.

Functionality is the same, just the name has changed.

What is Raiz

Raiz is a small investment app that takes your spare change and invests into the stock market.

Invest your spare change.

You are able to periodically invest into Raiz, I put in $50 a month. But their catch cry is Automatically investing your small change. The round up feature sets aside an amount per purchase and automatically transfers it into your acorns account when it adds up to $5. For Example, the $3.50 coffee is rounded up to $4.00 and 50c is transferred into acorns. It is all done via bank feeds into the Acorns app.

Little Raiz – saving for your kids.

Another great feature that has been added is Little Acorns. You are able to set up sub accounts for your children and a %  of the balance is held under the sub accounts. eg. having 2 sub accounts can be set to hold 25% each and 50% in the main account, or however you want the split to be. Once the sub-account name holder turns 18, the balance can then be transferred into an acorns account of their own.

Raiz Rewards

Raiz rewards puts money into your acorns account when you use your attached spending account. Rewards Partners are growing all the time and include Woolworths, BooHoo, STA Travel, Microsoft, eharmony, Lorna Jane and BWS plus more.


Recently Raiz announced they are planning to ad superannuation to their brand. the feature will be fully integrated into the existing app and using the current portfolios.


My experience with Acorns to date has been positive. In the past 2 years it has returned 15% in dividends and growth, however in the last 3 months it has only been 1.05%, But that is the nature of shares.

There has been some negative reviews about the amount of fees for Acorns, they charge a flat $1.25 a month or $15 a year. It is true if you only have $150 in your account the fees are 10% which is quite high, but if you have $1500 in there, the fees are reasonable at 1%.

The whole idea is increasing your savings and this little app is a great way to start.

Click here to Join Raiz and receive a $2.50 joining bonus


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